I'm an award-winning photographer who has spent half my life living and working internationally, but who now resides and creates in the South Island of New Zealand.

After completing two years of Diploma courses in Professional Photography, followed by a year-long position as Photographic Artist-in-Residence in Christchurch in 2010, I worked commercially for a time, but found myself increasingly involved with projects of my own imagination, eventually choosing to dedicate myself to those.


My previous background in the Fine Arts and life Sciences has guided my interests, allowing me to evolve as a photographic artist. The process is ongoing, often surprising, always fascinating. And above all? It's a way of life.

Over time I've veered from recording the mundane to reinterpreting it; from capturing simple reality to shaping it into what might be seen through a different lens; from exploring the outside to peeling back the surface and discovering what lies behind it.

I specialise in creating images of the tiny, the old, the inanimate and the non-living. Overlooked aspects of objects. Sometimes realistic, sometimes twisted into the unexpected. Often seen through a macro lens.

Textural complexity. Colour. Blending the past and present. Mutation and combination. Suggestion. Revelation and transformation. Finding a way to illuminate the unseen, and relocate it. Here lies my focus.

I adore my work. Always.